Ammunition (cartridges for weapons) and firearms

Before flying, it’s important to know how to pack your ammunition and firearms correctly while adhering to the dangerous goods regulations.

Ammunition (cartridges for weapons)

Ammunition must be carried in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the state you are travelling to, from or through. It’s your responsibility to ensure all relevant import and export permits, licence and documentation (including Australian requirements) are obtained prior to travel.


What ammunition you can carry and requirements of how to pack:

Ammunition requirements

Airline approval required


Carry-on baggage


Checked baggage



·         You must hold a valid firearms licence, permit or enforcement agency identification, which you’ll need to present at check-in.

·         The firearm must be unloaded and inoperable (eg bolt removed).

·         The firearm must be packed in a separate hard or soft locked case.

·         If you’re travelling with firearms on a National Jet Express operated flight, you’re permitted an additional piece of baggage within your total weight allowance, at no charge.


Further information on dangerous goods


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations describe in detail what Dangerous Goods may be transported by air, in what quantities, and how they should be packed. For details on how to safely transport your Dangerous Goods, contact your local National Jet Express office.