Special assistance

Let us know of any assistance you may require before you fly.

National Jet Express is committed to ensuring your travel experience is safe, comfortable and hassle free and we can tailor our service to your specific needs when you advise us prior to travel.


We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice regarding specific needs. Please call National Jet Express’s Customer Contact Centre on +61 8 9479 9700 (option 1) to advise us of your requirements so that we can ensure you the highest level of comfort.


Dietary requirements

On board, we provide an in-flight cabin service to suit the time of day. Tea, coffee, juice, soft drinks and water are provided free of charge. Requests for special dietary requirements should be made 48 hours prior to travel through your employer, contracting company or the organisation chartering the flight.


Medical clearance to fly

To ensure the welfare and safety of all passengers whom have recently had medical treatment, including children and infants, and those recently discharged from hospital, you will be required to submit medical clearance from your treating doctor. This form must be provided to National Jet Express at least 48 hours before the date you wish to travel. In the absence of receipt of this form, National Jet Express may not be able to clear the passenger for travel and the passenger may be unable to travel on their preferred flight.


Contagious diseases

In accordance with the Civil Aviation Orders and the duty of care to protect passengers and crew, National Jet Express will not carry passengers with certain contagious diseases while they are infectious. A medical certificate or letter from a physician stating that the passenger “is not suffering from a communicable disease at the contagious stage” is required before travel can be approved for the following contagious conditions:

·         Chicken pox

·         Shingles

·         Hepatitis A

·         Scarlet Fever

·         Measles

·         Mumps

·         Rubella (German measles)

·         Whooping cough (Pertussis)

·         Tuberculosis

If you think you are suffering from any such illnesses, please consult your doctor immediately.


Do you need oxygen?

National Jet Express permits the carriage of BOC Oxycare Travel Packs aboard its flights. If you require oxygen either continuously or occasionally while flying we can help you. BOC Gases and other similar suppliers provide “C” size oxygen cylinders.


All oxygen cylinders must be contained in the travel pack before they can fly. BOC Gases offer the travel packs for either hire or purchase. These travel packs fit the oxygen bottle inside and should contain instructions on how to operate them on board. Your oxygen flow rate should be prescribed by your doctor, as your crew are not responsible for this. For more information telephone BOC Gases on 1800 050 999.


Travelling while pregnant

National Jet Express’s guidelines for permissible travel whilst pregnant are as follows:

·         For travel on flights less than 4 hours duration, for a normal pregnancy, medical clearance is not required.

After the 28th week of pregnancy, medical clearance from a doctor or midwife is required stating the following:

·         estimated date of delivery;

·         single or multiple pregnancy;

·         absence of complications; and

·         passenger is ‘fit to fly’ (it must specifically state that the passenger is ‘fit to fly’ as fit to travel is not sufficient and will not be accepted).


Baby on board!

At National Jet Express we know how precious your little one is. That is why you may be able to bring on-board your infant car seat for your baby’s comfort. If you do not have a car seat loaded, we will provide you with an infant seat belt.


Car seats must be approved prior to the day of flight, as they must be inspected to ensure they comply with safety standards. For the safety of your baby, infant seat belts or car seat belts must be fastened when required; the Cabin Crew will advise you of this.


When travelling with an infant the following restrictions apply:

·         under 7 days old – infant not permitted to travel;

·         birth certificates may be required at check-in as proof of infant’s age;

·         for safety purposes infants are classified as babies between 8 days old to 2 years old. If your child will celebrate their second birthday prior to your flight or whilst you are between flights, please ensure you advise staff prior to booking as they will be required to occupy a seat with their own seat belt.


Unaccompanied minors

Bookings for unaccompanied minors must be made through the National Jet Express Customer Contact Centre on telephone +61 8 9479 9700 (option 3) or a travel agent.

·         Children aged between 2 and 5 years can only travel if accompanied by a parent or person aged at least 15.

·         Children between 6 and 11 years can travel on domestic services as unaccompanied minors.

·         Children aged 12 to 15 can travel unsupervised, but may be treated as an unaccompanied young person at the request of a parent or guardian.


The parent or guardian must ensure that:

·         the sender remains at the airport until the aircraft on which the child is travelling has departed;

·         the receiver will be at the destination airport to meet the child on arrival of the aircraft and will present suitable personal identification when requested;

·         for transit stops of more than one hour, the person nominated by the sender to care for the unaccompanied child during transit or transfer will be available;


·         declaration is made to the National Jet Express Customer Contact Centre of any special requirements needed by an unaccompanied minor.c